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God and Mathematics.png

God and Mathematics

Leib iz' Contingency Argument.png

Leibniz' Contingency Argument

KALAM 1.jpg

The Kalam Cosmological Argument -
Part 1 Scientific

Who did Jesus think he was.png

Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

KALAM 2.jpg

The Kalam Cosmological Argument -Part 2 Philosophical

Is it possible to know God.jpg

Is It Possible to Know God?

The Ontological Argument.png

The Ontological Argument

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe.png

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe

The Moral Argument.png

The Moral Argument

Is there meaning to Life.png

Is There Meaning to Life?

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? - Part One

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
Part One: The Facts

Did Jesus Rise from the ded?.png

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
Part Two: The Explanation

Suffering and Evil - part 1.png

Suffering and Evil - The Logical Problem

Suffering and Evil - The Probability Ver

Suffering and Evil - The Probability Version

How Can Jesus Be the Only Way?.png

How Can Jesus Be the Only Way?

The Problem of Those Who Have Never Hear

The Problem of Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ

So you've just became a Christian.jpeg

So, You Just Became A Christian

The sacred City.png

seven videos tell the story of the different Islamic Qiblas, or direction of prayer

 هفت فیلم مستند انگلیسی بر تغیر قبله از سال اول  تا ۲۶۳ هجری

Islamic Qiblas.png

The Sacred City presents compelling evidence that suggests the holy city of Mecca is in the wrong location and different from its original place. Compiling evidence from both historic sources and new technologies point to the correct location in this revelatory new film.

The Reliability of Bible.png

The Reliability of Bible

The Bible, The verdict of History.jpg

ُThis is by far, the best and most honest DVD series on the Historicity of the Scriptures. Jay Smith takes you to the actual artifact in the British Museum and basically match what the top specialists say about them with the Bible.


It's amazing that one of the most atheistic museums in the world is now validating the old and new testament with the artifacts they purchase from across the world.

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